Coming Soon: Google AdWords for Radio?


Nothing much happened after Google acquired radio ad management company dMarc Broadcasting earlier this year for $102 million, causing speculations about a possible radio advertising service to quickly go underground… until now. According to Google’s Inside AdWords blog, Google has begun testing audio ads among a small number of U.S. AdWords advertisers.

Over the past year, Google has been integrating dMark’s system with AdWords. The result is an audio ad system that can be managed through the standard AdWords interface, complete with detailed performance reporting and targeting by location, demographic and station type.

“We’ve been partnering with both terrestrial and satellite radio stations across the U.S. so that our advertisers have many options for broadcasting their ads — whether it’s a Country station in Tyler, Texas or an Adult Contemporary station in New York City,” read a note on the official AdWords blog, attributed to an Audio Ads team member known as “Josh M.”

“You may have already heard these advertisers’ ads while driving to work or listening to the radio at home,” he later added. According to the Associated Press, Google will sell ads in more than 200 U.S. markets and hopes to eventually sign more than 5,000 stations.

Google has already posted a support page for Audio Ads, but has not yet set an official release date for the service.


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