Avenue A | Razorfish Re-launches XM Site


Digital marketing agency Avenue A | Razorfish has announced its participation in the re-launch of the mail website for satellite radio service XM.

The redesign showcases XM’s 170 channels of music, talk, sports and news and features new search features like “Artist Search” that lets users find the channels that carry a particular musician, and “What’s on Now,” which displays the programming running on XM in real time.

“Our mission for the Web site is to provide a convenient way for prospective customers to discover XM’s unique offerings and take action on that discovery by purchasing and activating their XM radio online,” said My-Chau Nguyen, XM’s SVP of marketing, in a statement. “For current subscribers, the XM Web site now offers a variety of ways to explore our programming as well as manage their account with XM through a new online customer care experience.”

XM is one of AARF’s longstanding clients, as the digital agency was chosen because of its intimate knowledge of XM’s back-end business and technical systems. One new addition to the site, “Listener Care Online,” is a direct result of that relationship and provides XM listeners with self-serve access to their account management and radio activation services. Plus, the redesigned help and support section consolidates all help, product info, account management, FAQ’s and parental controls into a single interface.


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