New York Daily News Picks Quigo for Contextual Sponsored Links


In an effort to generate new revenue, the New York Daily News today selected Quigo and a private label version of its AdSonar platform to provide sponsored-link contextual ads, which will be deployed on this month.

With AdSonar in place, can now offer its own auction-based, pay-per-click advertising program using content-targeted sponsored links. Sponsored link advertisements available on will be comprised of targeting options that include individual pages, sections, topics or keywords.

“Quigo’s -branded platform, its sophisticated yield optimization technology and its expert resources will help us jumpstart our own performance-based, content-targeted sponsored link advertising marketplace and deliver the most useful advertising to New Yorkers,” says Jon Beck, Director of Online Advertising and Business Development. “And, being part of Quigo’s extensive network of other local, regional and national sites will allow us to benefit from many other advertisers seeking to target the greater New York metropolitan area.”

The New York Daily News deal marks the latest publishing teamup for Quigo, which has launched private-label versions of its AdSonar advertising platform for over 150 local, regional and national newspaper sites including those of The Chicago Tribune, Cox Newspapers, The Hearst Company, The McClatchy Company, Media General, Morris Communications, and USA Today.

In addition, AdSonar powers PPC programs of over 100 local television station sites and local online directories.



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