JumpTap Expands Local Search With Online Directories


Mobile search and advertising company JumpTap has partnered with online directory companies SuperPages.com and WhitePages.com, and software developer Autodesk, to expand its mobile search and advertising services and give mobile carriers better local search capabilities to offer to their customers.

JumpTap will be using Autodesk’s LocationLogic system to add maps and directions to local search results. The addition of SuperPages.com will let users search by business category or business name. Paid search ads will also appear next to business results.

The addition of WhitePages.com will let JumpTap users search for individuals by last name. Searches can be refined by city or ZIP code. Once users find the person they’re looking for, they can quickly add them to their address book. Once found, JumpTap will offer to connect the user to both personal and business contacts via phone call.

“With the integration of these new applications, JumpTap is improving the mobile search experience, which drives more usage and makes the operators’ network more valuable for their customers and potential advertisers,” said JumpTap VP Adam Soroca in a statement.


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