Greenspan Files More Grief Against MySpace


Brad Greenspan, founder of Intermix, former parent of MySpace, filed another lawsuit against the current MySpace owner News Corp yesterday, alleging that the social network violated antitrust laws by blocking access to his newest online project, video sharing site Vidilife, as well as other small video services like Greenspan claims that MySpace has censored large video sharing sites like YouTube and Revver in the past before caving to pressure from users to allow access.

“The shocking mass censorship of the over 100 million MySpace users that News Corp and MySpace are beginning to aggressively engage in today is simply evil behavior,” said Greenspan in a statement. “When we started MySpace in 2003, we empowered users by giving them full control over their profile pages. MySpace has flourished by partnering with users and protecting their rights to express themselves and have freedom of choice on their profile page. News Corp’s moves to destroy and limit the freedom MySpace users have enjoyed is analogous to the strategies a dictator would employ after seizing control of a previously free nation.”

Early last month, Greenspan called on the SEC, the Department of Justice and the Senate Committee on Finance to investigate News Corp’s purchase of MySpace, alleging that the media giant negotiated MySpace’s multimillion dollar acquisition price behind the shareholders backs. This time Greenspan is riding the white horse and says that, should he win the new lawsuit, he will give all the money to organizations that fight censorship. He has also taken the time to launch his own anti-censorship website


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