Fathom Launches Next Gen Analytics


Search marketing company Fathom Online has launched Fathom Analytics to combine transaction data from multiple sources into one data stream so customers can optimize both on and offline campaigns. The new system combines web analytics with website and call center tracking into one application that can be used by everyone from the chief marketing officer to the media and marketing managers.

“Fathom Analytics is a strategic Search Marketing platform that helps marketers see across all channels to improve the results of both online and offline campaigns,” said Fathom CEO Dean DeBiase in a statement. “Using insight from Fathom Analytics, we can help clients test and adjust their Search Marketing and Internet advertising campaigns, and then apply those lessons quickly to their integrated print, broadcast and direct marketing programs.”

Fathom Analytics features include a drag and drop spreadsheet-like interface, and the ability to drill down to a particular campaign, media buy or keyword. Paid search, contextual, behavioral and website tracking sources include Google, Yahoo, MSN, DoubleClick and Atlas. Call center tracking is derived from lead management company Who’s Calling. When used with Fathom’s Client Services, Analytics can provide additional insight into customer demographics.


  1. This is a cool application. Getting fresh MARKETING data stands out compared to all the Web data. The fact that they can integrate offline, web and other channels is very interesting.


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