Avenue A | Razorfish Makes Over Cingular Site


Digital marketing company Avenue A | Razorfish has completely redesigned the home page for cellular carrier Cingular, giving visitors to Cingular.com a more efficient online shopping experience and the ability to view their account details as well as a shiny new look.

“Our objectives in redesigning cingular.com were clear,” said Bob Steelhammer, Cingular’s VP of e-commerce in a statement. “One — make it simple for customers to buy wireless service. Two — provide them with world class customer service tools. And three — provide an attractive design and intuitive navigation. Cingular.com gets the job done with style.”

Cingular hopes the redesign will encourage users to purchase more items online to reduce per-user costs. The new site makes it easier for customers to pay their bills online, purchase additional services and upgrade their phones.

Avenue A, an aQuanitve company, is one of the largest interactive agencies in the U.S. The agency has created sites and campaigns for companies like Citigroup, Disney, Ford, Mercedes, Microsoft, and JC Penny. Avenue A designed the Cingular.com site to anticipate and respond to user behavior, providing more upfront information based on a user’s profile.


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