Heats Up Food Network Campaign


Interactive agency has launched what looks to be a unique campaign for the Food Network that utilizes the receiving computer’s system clock to provide up-to-the-minute programming info while promoting the network’s on-air personality Alton Brown. The campaign is designed to promote the whole network, rather than a specific show, and highlights Brown’s appearances on several Food Network programs like Iron Chef America, Good Eats, and Feasting on Asphalt.

By reading a computer’s system clock, each ad unit can display which show is currently airing, which show is coming up next, and tell users how to tune in. Each ad unit shows a caricature of Brown, which asks the user various food trivia questions. Multiple choice answers flow across the bottom of the units. When a user selects the right answer, the Brown character gives them a little bit of background info and food history behind the answer. Users can then click through to Alton’s Food Network home page.

“As one of the network’s most visible nighttime personalities, we wanted to show what makes Alton Brown and his shows ‘Way more than Cooking.’ His in-depth knowledge of food and quirky presentation make him and our food explorer both in the kitchen on the Good Eats set as well as on his motorcycle in the special ‘Feasting on Asphalt,'” said Food Network marketing manager Katie Ilch in a statement. The creative is part of the Food Network’s greater “With Alton Brown, You Will Never See Food the Same Way” campaign. “The campaign design is both informative and fun, just like watching Alton,” Ilich added.


  1. Is it me or is the line between interactive agency, ad agency, marketing agency, web design and development and traditional marketing all starting to blend together? Someone needs to set lines of delineation.


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