Adify Offers DIY Ad Network


Online advertising company Adify Corporation rolled out its new Build Your Own Network (BYON) platform at the Web 2.0 Conference in San Francisco yesterday, giving business owners, advertisers and publishers the tools they need to build their own ad network.

With the BYON tools, Adify claims users can construct ad networks in a matter of weeks, with the company handling more complicated tasks like reporting, tracking, billing and tech support.

“In the offline world, hundreds of special interest, editorial driven magazines offer advertisers clear, focused content-targeted demographics. The Internet is poised to break free from the one-size-fits-all network model and deliver the same level of segmentation to advertisers,” said Adify CEO Larry Braitman in a statement. “We envision thousands of niche or vertically-focused ad networks emerging to meet specific market needs, driven by entrepreneurs and enterprises who are members of the specific communities they serve.”

Traditional media organizations like the Washington Post’s Newsweek Interactive are using BYON to support existing networks and create niche networks from scratch. The Post uses BYON for its Sponsored Blogroll program that connects bloggers and advertisers.

Adify’s BYON was one of the few 13 companies selected to present at the Web 2.0 Conference’s Launch Pad workshop, which showcases new and innovative product launches.



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