Yahoo Acquires AdInterax, Invests in Right Media

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Today, Yahoo announced an agreement to buy rich media advertising company AdInterax, which will add rich media creative capability to Yahoo’s existing behavioral, geo and time-of-day targeting systems, and will eventually become available at no additional charge to Yahoo advertisers.

Unlike standard image banners, rich media can contain interactive and multimedia elements like video, sound and mouseover expandability. AdInterax’s service supports floating animations, expandable banners, and streaming video. It also provides CRM measurement that can track clicks, impressions, reach and frequency.

“Creativity in advertising is critical to the further adoption of the Internet as a marketing medium,” said Greg Coleman, Yahoo’s VP of global media sales in a statement. “We look forward to working with our customers and AdInterax’s publisher partners to generate new and innovative solutions for marketers that help simplify the rich media creation and purchasing process.”

Yahoo has previously made rich media advertising available on its network, but only through third-party ad vendors. Despite the purchase of AdInterax, Yahoo will continue to support third-party ads.

Yahoo has also just purchased 20% of Right Media, an auction-based ad marketplace. As part of the agreement, Yahoo will join the Right Media Exchange and offer advertisers the ability to bid on non-premium inventory through an open and transparent marketplace.