R/GA Forms Mobile Biz


Digital ad agency R/GA has announced the formation of a new business unit to deal with mobile and emerging media/applications (MEMA). R/GA wants MEMA to focus on mobile marketing strategies, design and non-traditional campaigns, something that R/GA has already been doing.

R/GA believes that the formation of new unit will help the emerging opportunities better integrate with cross-media campaigns. Richard Ting, the unit’s new executive creative director, will be make sure MEMA plays nice with clients and the rest of R/GA by building up the unit’s resources and relationships and helping to integrate FutureVision, R/GA’s program of tracking consumer trends.

“We felt the time was right to formalize our capabilities in this area and make sure we have the right resources in place to serve our clients,” said R/GA CEO Bob Greenberg in a statement. “We’ve always been fortunate to work with highly innovative companies that allow us to explore and experiment in this area. The formation of MEMA under Richard’s leadership will allow us to push the creative envelope even further on behalf of our clients.”

To go along with the new business unit, R/GA is also opening the MEMA Lab, a place where the MEMA team can develop and test new marketing creations, educate the rest of the agency about mobile and emerging media, and store mobile devices, gaming platforms, signage, and other emerging devices (for testing purposes only of course).



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