Reuters Reporting Virtual News


International and financial newsgathering company Reuters has announced the opening of a new bureau in the massively multiplayer online game Second Life. Real life Reuters reporter Adam Pasick (known in the game as Adam Reuters) will act as Reuters’s Second Life bureau chief, bringing the full force of the Reuters news apparatus to the virtual world. Pasick will be covering any events that happen within Second Life, interview players, and look for human interest stories.

Second Life is a non-linear “sandbox” that allows users to create virtual items that they can then sell to other players for Linden Dollars, Second Life’s in-game currency that can be converted into real dollars. Reuters hopes to provide the thousands of small businesses that produce Second Life items with a reliable in-game news source.

“Reuters is all about innovation – new technologies, new audiences, and new ways of presenting the news. In Second Life, we’re making Reuters part of a new generation. We’re playing an active role in this community by bringing the outside world into Second Life and vice versa,” said Reuters CEO Tom Glocer in a statement.

Second Life gamers will be able to “carry around” a Reuters News Center device that adds live news feeds to their user interface. Reuters is also setting up the Reuters Atrium, a virtual place that gamers can go to view video and images, and chat with their online friends.



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