Report: MySpace Audience Graying


According to a new report released by comScore Media Metrix, users of popular networking sites MySpace and Friendster tend to be older, with users over the age of 25 making up more than half of their audience. The stydy also found a significand age difference between the users of different social sites. For example, Xanga has a significant 20% of users who are between the ages of 12 and 17, a percentage that’s two times higher than the percentage of 12-17 year olds using the general internet. And more than one-third of Facebook users, due to the service’s heavy college focus, are between 18 and 24.

“While the top social networking sites are typically viewed as directly competing with one another, our analysis demonstrates that each site occupies a slightly different niche,” said comScore VP Jack Flanagan in a statement. “ has the broadest appeal across age ranges, has created a niche among the college crowd, attracts a higher percentage of adults, and is most popular among younger teens. There is a misconception that social networking is the exclusive domain of teenagers, but this analysis confirms that the appeal of social networking sites is far broader.”

The stats for MySpace show that most of the site’s growth has come from the addition of older users. The percentage of users between 12 and 17 has actually shrunk from about 25% to about 12% since 2005.


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