PureVideo Networks Re-Launches Stupid Videos


PureVideo Networks, and online video publisher known for its PureVideo video search engine, has launched a new version of StupidVideos.com, a site for user generated videos featuring stunts, bloopers, stand-up comedy and any other sort of video considered “stupid.”

The site uses a Flash-based video player. New features include better categorization and navigation, and new ad opportunities. Users can view new, top-rated and most popular clips, as well as editor-selected clips. PureVideo has also added a feature called SV TV, a channel-based video player that automatically selects videos that correspond to a certain theme and plays them one after another interspersed with video ads.

“We combined the best video experiences in the industry, user feedback, and of course, our own ideas, twists, and improvements to create a product we believe delivers the best comedic video experience on the web,” said Karina Kogan, StupidVideos.com GM in a statement. “That said, we’re not done yet and still have many more features we are looking to add in the coming months.”

PureVideo Networks also recently re-launched GrindTV.com, a video portal for extreme sports.


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