PPC Hotline Opens for Advertisers


Roger Hall of BetterClix.com, a PPC advertising optimization company, has created a hotline for PPC advertisers that gives callers pre-recorded advice on how to improve their PPC ads. The hotline number is (347) 328-8263 (1-DIRECT-82-ME). Advice offered this week encourages advertisers to avoid competing blindly for the top ad spots, to include a keyword-related sub-domain, and to determine which days you should avoid running ads. Hall is a Google AdWords certified professional.

“Clients and their agencies today need solid, reliable information on what works in Google and Yahoo! online advertising – and what doesn’t,” said Hall in a statement. “As a freelance online copywriter I have hundreds of people contacting me asking questions such as: How can I structure an online advertisement that will get a good response? How can I get more cost-effective results from my Google PPC ad? I set up the PPC Advertising Hotline to give these folks some of the answers.”

The advice is free, and callers only pay for the cost of the phone call. The recorded lecture is less than 5 minutes long. In the coming months, Hall plans to add advice on how to stretch an ad budget, how to write good ads, what to ask yourself before running a campaign, how to run a corporate promotion online, and how to sell services with Google and Yahoo PPC ads.



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