Mozilla Releases Firefox 2.0


Mozilla has released version 2 of Firefox, the top rival of Microsoft’s newly released Internet Explorer 7 Web browser. New Firefox features include an updated user interface, built-in phishing warning messages, live search suggestions that appear as you type a query in the search box, better tabbed browsing, the ability to resume a browsing session if Firefox crashes (it will also restore text typed into a field), RSS feed previews, inline spell checking, and bookmark mini-summaries.

“Firefox 2 delivers the best possible online experience for people today,” said Mozilla CEO Mitchell Baker in a statement. “The improvements Mozilla has made to the ease of use, performance, and security in Firefox 2 reflect our ongoing, singular focus on meeting the needs of Web users all over the world.”

Firefox is an open-source project and is developed by a team of volunteers who develop new features and squash bugs, so to speak. It’s released by the Mozilla Corporation, the for-profit arm of the non-profit open-source software development group the Mozilla Foundation. The new version of Firefox is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux as a free download.


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