Jambo Launches Video Jambo-ree for Publishers


Jambo Media, publisher of JamboTV.com, a video portal for news and entertainment, has launched the Jambo Video Network, a service that lets web publishers incorporate video into their sites.

The network lets publishers embed video into an existing page, just like they would embed an advertising banner. It also lets publishers create a separate page strictly for video. Jambo is banking on online video’s power to draw visitors back to a site, and hopes that both it and its publishers can earn extra revenue in the process. The videos are free, supported by pre-roll advertising, with Jambo and the publishers splitting the ad revenue.

“Jambo Media has always been focused on creating new advertising formats to help publishers and advertisers go beyond the standard online advertising formats,” said Jambo Media CEO Robert Manoff in a statement. “The Jambo Video network provides just that while also giving consumers an even more enjoyable experience at these sites.”

The video network also includes an administration interface where publishers can choose which video channels to display. Content is available in several categories, including news, technology, music, movie trailers and sports. Jambo also runs a video advertising service called RealVideoAds.com.


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