IAB Examines Email Deliverability


Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Email Committee today released a new study that examines email deliverability, how it has changed, and what it means for email marketers. Spam filters have the inconvenient habit of often placing legitimate opted-in email newsletters into a junk mail folder and deleted before the user even knows it’s there.

The Marketer & Agency Guide to Email Deliverability aims to give agencies and marketers the data they need to make sure their messages get through to their subscribers and increase the effectiveness of their campaigns. According to Return Path, an email marketing research company and IAB Email Committee member, 20% of legitimate marketing emails are filtered as spam, which drastically affects click-through and conversion rates.

“Providing the marketers with a single standard definition of deliverability as well as accurate and timely information around causes of delivery problems and measurement is an extremely important step in solidifying email as a critical performance marketing vehicle,” said Craig Swerdloff, general manager at Return Path and IAB Email Committee chairman, in a statement.


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