Engages Vertical Search Engine


Privately-held search company today launched its Health, Business and Gaming search engine verticals, adding to its recently launched Local Search platform. With the new verticals, the Halifax-based GenieKnows, a subsidiary of IT Interactive Services, will offer users an alternative online destination search tool to outsource information contained within specific markets.

According to the release, GK’s vertical search engine employs patent-pending technology encompassing crawling, extraction and ranking techniques. This latest brand of search lets users condense their search results within the Health, Gaming and Business Markets, and lets users avoid the hassle of trolling through the entire Web for necessary information. In turn, hopes to provide advertisers the ability to buy highly targeted ads related to these verticals and increase positive ROI potential with online advertising campaigns.

“We are excited to add vertical search capabilities to our current array of services,” said Barbara Manning, president and chief executive officer, “Coming on the heels of our Local Search platform, the vertical technology will now allow users to access a condensed, smarter and more focused version of search while avoiding the clutter that appears in other search engine results.”

Currently in beta, GenieKnows’ vertical search technology covers 20 million websites in each vertical, while the upcoming full 1.0 release will expand the data set to 100 million in each. Future verticals such as Travel and Sports are planned for upcoming product release.


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