Former MTV, iFilm Execs Gets Travelistic


Travelistic, a new website that lets users explore destinations through online video, launched today. The site aims to capture the hard core travel audience with hundreds of travel videos covering destinations from Seattle to Shanghai.

Founded by former MTVi President/CEO Nicholas Butterworth and former iFilm VP of Technology Tatum Lade, Travelistic features user-generated video, but also contains video from TV and original online content. Videos are categorized by location and can be tagged by users. For example, users may tag a video covering Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany with “beer” and “festivals.” Users can also embed the Travellistic videos in their own sites using snippets of code. A separate page lists the top videos and the top video uploaders. Some videos are preceded by 15 second pre-roll ads.

“Travel is all about personal connections, and Travelistic connects people by providing them the opportunity to tell their life-changing travel stories through video,” said CEO Nicholas Butterworth in a statement. “We offer a free boarding pass to the best of what’s been shot, allowing like-minded travelers to share where they’ve been and watch where they want to go. We want our viewers to see where video can take them, and so we seek out and welcome video from truly anywhere.”

Travellistic has been adding 100 new videos to the site each week and is talking with other travel and hospitality organizations to get them to post videos as well.


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