ExpoTV Trading Cash for Product Reviews


Video product review site ExpoTV.com has officially launched. The site invites users to record and upload their own product reviews. Right now, ExpoTV boasts 12,000 opinion videos, and hopes to draw in more with its Pay Per Play system, that gives users one penny each time their video reviews are played. ExpoTV is banking on the word-of-mouth effect that sometimes accompanies user-generated content.

“Our goal is to be the destination enabling a personal, authentic word of mouth discussion between consumers on a national scale. Our new site unleashes influencers and other vocal consumers, and provides them with a platform to contribute to a national product dialogue,” said Expo CEO Daphne Kwon in a statement. “Consumers trust the experiences of other consumers more than any other source for a buying decision… We strip away the anonymity of old Web tools and let people show who they are and what they buy.”

Expo is expanding the reach of its site by syndicating videos on AOL Video and Google Video. They’ve also partnered with About.com and are playing About.com video buying guides.


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