Dreamworks, Mark Burnett Productions, AOL Get “Flushed Away” with Interactive Adventure


Dreamworks co-founder Jeffrey Katzenberg and über producer Mark Burnett have forayed into so many different successful projects, it’s hard to imagine they could dream up a challenge that they had not yet pursued.

Sure enough, the duo, after having worked together on a number of projects in the past including “The Contender,” decided to see if they could formulate an interactive and immersive experience that not only surrounded the release of a movie as a promotional run-up, but that was geared towards kids and their families. The upcoming Dreamworks film, “Flushed Away,” provided the perfect opportunity, and the companies brought AOL on board to help create the “‘Flushed Away’ Underground Adventure.”

The resulting project is a single-player, immersive online game that includes customized animation from Dreamworks, marking the first time the company has undertaken such a task for one of their films. It also features groundbreaking, real-time 3D environments and physics simulation.

“Flushed Away,” an animated feature set beneath the streets of London, is based on the premise of a pet mouse that is flushed down the toilet into a vast metropolis populated by a world of colorful rodent characters. Using these characters, who are voiced by such big names as Hugh Jackman, Kate Winslet, and Sir Ian McKellen, along with settings and storylines from the film, the experience features a mix of action and puzzle games.

Every day, beginning on Thursday, October 5th and continuing for roughly twenty-four days, a new challenge will be released that kids and their parents can play for digital prizes, like downloads, printables, and audio clips from the film. When players have completed the entire twenty-four game experience, they are entered into a grand prize sweepstakes that includes offerings like vacations and shopping sprees.

Since the film is geared towards a younger demographic that often requires parental supervision, one would expect that the game correspondingly targets those groups. According to David Eilenberg, Executive Producer at Mark Burnett Productions, the game is geared towards such an audience because of other statistics as well. “Those are two of the biggest online gaming audiences on AOL,” he tells ADOTAS. “So, kids 8-12, which is also who we think the movie’s going to most appeal to, and then to their moms.”


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