DAVE.TV Opens Video Marketing Portal


Technology developer DAVE Networks has launched DAVE.TV, a b2b white label service that lets partners create branded video portals and online communities around online video.

DAVE.TV uses DAVE’s “Social Online Community & IPTV Application Library” (S.O.C.I.A.L.) technology, which lets partners use DAVE’s API system and can let users create personalized profiles, upload and share content using DAVE.TV’s video creation tools, create a blog or video blog, and communicate via message boards. Partners can also let users re-post content to their own sites with DAVE’s MyTVBoxT media player.

“It is only a natural step for organizations and businesses to develop community portals which will foster customer interaction,” said DAVE CEO Rex Wong in a statement. “Our S.O.C.I.A.L. platform enables companies to embrace the concept of promoting creative free reign, user-generated content development and social interaction to build audience participation.”

DAVE will customize each video portal to meet the needs of each partner’s customer or fan-base. Sites already using S.O.C.I.A.L. include MGM’s Stargate SG-1, Earth, Wind and Fire, and the Urban Sports League.


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