ADOTAS Conversations: Getting the Maxim Effect on 18-34 Males from Dennis Digital’s Todd Anderman


18-34-year old males have made an effortless transition from being arguably the most coveted demographic in TV and print land to the most sought after in the virtual space. From gaming to music downloading to casual Web surfing, men online engage in enough diverse activity to provide marketers a goldmine of opportunity.

But what exactly are men doing online, what are their daily rituals in cyberspace and what implications does this serve for advertisers and content providers? To delve further, ADOTAS recently conducted a survey with our readership that not only constituted 18-34-year olds, but all of our male subscribers in general.

But while the results at hand provide some useable metrics to help advertisers better discern men’s Web habits, we decided for part 1 of our “Marketing to Men Online” series to first get some overall analysis and outside perspective from one of the foremost authorities on this demographic, Todd Anderman, President of Dennis Digital, home to Maxim Online, Stuff Online, and—the Web counterparts of arguably the most successful men’s lifestyle publications in circulation.

Anderman sheds a little insight into Dennis’ point-of-view of how men are interacting with properties like, the built-in ad executions found throughout the site, and the trends facing this marketplace.

Following our Q+A with Anderman and our upcoming survey results, ADOTAS will continue to break down specific parts in our questionnaire, as well as male behavioral patterns and the advertising prospects that follow with this ongoing series. In November, we will probe specific ad networks that our survey was run across and get their analysis, while also studying some of the niche verticals that continue to lure the male demographic and get their take on the numbers.

Hi Todd, Your core demographic is obviously 18-34. So, what are they doing online?

What we see these guys a lot of times doing is looking in a few different areas. There’s entertainment, there’s sports. Now with us, it’s more of an irreverent take on sports. You’re not going to go to to find out who won [the game]. So, there is the entertainment, there is the sports, there’s humor, which they’re going after, obviously video, photo, really a whole host of different areas.

But what we’re finding is that these guys who are coming want that quick break in their day to be entertained. The spike traffic timeframes are during the working hours, so we’re getting people who are coming over for kind of that water cooler moment: make me laugh, entertain me, tell me a joke, let me see a good video. I’m sure you’re not surprised by what I’m saying. I’m just trying to give you a little background.

But one of the things that we’ve had a lot of success with recently are creating lists. So for example, we did a list last week which was “TV’s sexiest news anchors”. We’ve done “craziest NASCAR trophies”, we’ve had the “worst last roles of otherwise great actors”. Now we’re doing actresses at their hottest, things like that. These seem to be really resonating out there, so it is that irreverent take on pop culture.


  1. […] Our first step was to get outside perspective from an authoritative source on this demo, Todd Anderman, President of Dennis Digital—home of and among other properties. With Anderman providing plenty of insight from Dennis’ birds-eye view, ADOTAS is now turning its focus inward and gaining exclusive survey analysis from the agency side—and one of the largest at that. […]


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