Bellrock Does Mobile Tennis


Mobile content provider Bellrock Media, which specializes in co-branded entertainment, has signed a partnership with The Tennis Channel to produce Turbo Tennis, a downloadable mobile game. The game includes in-game branding for The Tennis Channel and will be promoted through online and broadcast ads as well as a dedicated microsite, live events and The Tennis Channel’s email newsletter.

“Bellrock Media has created an addictive, fun phone game that lets tennis fans and Tennis Channel viewers play wherever they are,” said Lynn Forbes, The Tennis Channel’s VP of Web and New Media in a statement. “Tennis fans are passionate, and the sport is perfectly suited for these emerging new media applications and opportunities.” Turbo Tennis is a humorous take on the game, and gives players powerups that can zap opponents with lightening. Players can also celebrate after a match or “freak out” if things don’t go according to plan.

Earlier this year The Tennis Channel re-launched its website with a new design, tennis travel info, revamped ad space and online video. TV spots for Turbo Tennis will hit TV’s this month and will continue through 2008, and The Tennis Channel expects to reach 80,000 people through email.



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