ADOTAS Conversations: Jeff Rosenblum, Partner, Co-Founder, Questus


In Questus’ world, advertising initiatives aren’t reliant and built on just pretty pictures, catchphrases and winks n’ smiles. Since the interactive marketing company’s inception in 1998, Questus has built its fortunes and client base by melding its founders’ intensive research background with a creative edge.

The company’s dualistic nature has earned them nods and accounts with major publishers like Sports Illustrated and The New York Times, as well as top brands like Verizon and Suzuki. Questus boasts a four-pronged structure with its marketing efforts, including research services, advertising services, Web development, and digital strategy.

Recently, ADOTAS sat down in Questus’ New York headquarters to chat with co-founder Jeff Rosenblum, an Internet market research pioneer who has conducted strategic projects for influential companies like Microsoft, Sega, Disney and Sun Microsystems among others. Among other topics of discussion, Rosenblum, who currently oversees research & strategy at Questus, maintains the importance of R&D in the creative process interactive campaigns and eyes optimization as the continual, significan industry trend.

Hi, Jeff. So tell me about the makings of Questus, and your overall strategy.

The company was started in October of 1998. Right now, we’re working with nothing but industry leaders like Sports Illustrated, the New York Times, Microsoft, Verizon and We were founded by a team of people who actually pioneered the field of Internet research. So in the early 90s, we were working with Microsoft, Netscape, Sun Microsystems and Disney, and we were one of the first folks in the country doing online surveys and [analyzing] website usability.

What we realized is that we could do two things: one, we could do the research a lot better than it was being done back in the day with more efficient, cost-effective things along that line. But more importantly, taking it to create a category of one by bringing in some world-class designers, award-winning designers on the marketing side.

When we’re working on marketing solutions, it’s much more creative-driven and customer-centric because we’ve got these cutting edge research methodologies. On the research side of things, it’s a lot more creative because you can leverage the design and create it with the technical skills of that entire marketing team. Our focus right now is in a variety of things.

But like any interactive company, we’ve got two core areas of focus: website development and online advertising. But unlike any other company out there, we have this entire research division. Some companies say let’s service the research, but literally half of our staff are experts in research. It’s a huge competitive advantage and a competitive advantage for us because it’s a very unique offering. But more importantly, it’s a competitive advantage for our clients, because everything they can do is very data-driven. It gives us that ability to optimize what we’re doing on the media side, on the ad creative side and on the website side. Most companies really don’t know how to truly optimize at all.


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