ValueClick Upgrades European Display Ads


Online advertising company ValueClick has completed several upgrades to its European display advertising division, further integrating it with the rest of the ValueClick network. The upgrades expand on existing technology that was in place when ValueClick purchased Fastclick in 2005. ValueClick European members now have access to more targeting options, greater ad inventory, and all of ValueClick’s campaign management tools; all of which ValueClick hopes add up to an increase in revenue-generating opportunities for publishers and ROI for advertisers.

“This is an important milestone for ValueClick that will allow us to improve our operational efficiencies and serve our international clients even more effectively,” said ValueClick Media GM David Yovanno in a statement. “Integrating our entire display network onto the same technology platform provides our clients with more control and gives us a foundation from which to make further enhancements that will create an even more robust global performance advertising platform.”

The upgrades will also allow ValueClick advertisers to launch pan-global campaigns. Advanced targeting options can reach users from a specific country, and the campaign management tools can help advertisers eliminate spurious impressions for maximum ad performance.


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