uWink Launches Marketing Partnership Program with Evian, Stockholm Vodka


The uWink digital entertainment company has launched its new Marketing Partnership Program. uWink builds interactive software for use with bars, restaurants and mobile devices.

uWink is also currently building the uWink Bistro, a brick-and-mortar restaurant that lets customers interact with each other by playing touch-screen social games based on the uWink gaming platform. The new Partnership Program lets sponsors reach customers as they play games, right when they’re in a food-purchasing environment. Initial sponsors are bottled water-maker Evian and Stockholm Vodka.

“uWink is not your typical restaurant experience. Through our unique blend of food, drink and digital media we are able to directly engage our customers in an unprecedented type of social entertainment experience,” said Nolan Bushnell, uWink CEO and former CEO of Atari and Chick E. Cheese in a statement. “This innovative type of restaurant experience also provides sponsors with new distribution options and real-time feedback on their customers’ preferences and purchasing decisions. Sponsors can use the culled information to monitor the success of their messages and ultimately create a truly effective marketing campaign.”

In addition to games, the uWink system also offers restaurant-goers movie trailers, horoscopes, and other media. It also lets different tables interact with each other, and eventually it will allow users to interact with customers at other uWink restaurants as well.



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