Sunflower Broadband, MTV Networks Launch Dynamic VOD Ad Campaign


MTV Networks and Cable television operator Sunflower Broadband have teamed up to launch a campaign that dynamically inserts national ads into on-demand cable television. Beginning this week, Sunflower will dynamically place ads into MTV’s on-demand programming, kicking off with a campaign to promote Paramount Pictures’ “Jackass Number Two.”

Sunflower’s VOD system uses SeaChange International and Atlas On Demand technologies to splice fresh ads into on-demand content. Mediaedge:cia, which created and manages the “Jackass” campaign, uses an Atlas Media Console to plan, manage, and track the campaign. Because the SeaChange AdPulse VOD advertising platform handles ads independently of the shows in which they run, each ad can be trafficked separately. The ad copy for “Jackass” will be changed out at various times before and after the premiere to ensure that the ads are fresh and compelling.

“We’ve been offering dynamic ad insertion into on-demand programs for our local advertising clients for a few months and the response has been overwhelming,” said Patrick Knorr, General Manager, Sunflower Broadband. “By extending the capabilities to the national level with MTV Networks, Mediaedge:cia, and Paramount Pictures, we’re demonstrating the kind of win-win scenario that can unlock more value in on-demand advertising and advance the VOD business model for both programmers and operators.”

“This is a real watershed moment for VOD advertising and what MTV Networks can offer its clients,” added Carolyn Everson, Senior Vice President, Ad Sales Strategy and Business Development, for MTV Networks. “Sunflower’s test allows for almost real-time ad insertion, and allows us to give our clients something they’ve wanted since the beginning – timely, highly targeted VOD advertising opportunities.”


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