Revenue Science Exports Behavioral Targeting to Japanese Business Source


Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Inc. (NIKKEI), a business information source for Japanese executives, is to become the first Japanese publisher offering behavioral targeting on its own site. In doing so, NIKKEI has selected Revenue Science to provide its behavioral targeting technology for NIKKEI NET, enabling the site to increase its volume of advertising inventory and allow advertisers to run campaigns designed for specific audiences.

Revenue Science currently offers behavioral targeting in Japan across a network of sites through its partner Digital Advertising Consortium (DAC). DAC will assist NIKKEI NET in implementing the Revenue Science technology.

“NIKKEI NET has always strived to be the most valuable online media for both users and advertisers, and today we continue that by launching a behavioral targeting program to enable advertising that matches our users’ interests,” said Mr. Noboru Yoshioka, Executive Officer & General Manager, Electronic Media Bureau for NIKKEI. “Installing this revolutionary new technology will add significant value for NIKKEI NET.”

Brad Hefta-Gaub, senior VP of media operations for Revenue Science, added, “We are very pleased to have NIKKEI join other leading financial brands from around the world as a Revenue Science customer. Our presence in the Japanese market has been very successful, and partnering with a world-class media company like NIKKEI can only help us grow that leadership.”


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