New York Times Signs Content Deal with


Answers Corporation, creators of, today announced an agreement with The New York Times Company to integrate specific reference content into The agreement includes direct access via to’s 1-Click Answers technology.

To apply this technology, a user holds down the “Alt” key and clicks with the mouse on any word or phrase on a article, which generates a popup window filled with direct reference information from a collection of reference material, all selected in consultation with New York Times editors. In the process, the user never leaves their current Web page.

The alt-click service allows readers to access encyclopedic explanations, definitions and background about people, history, technology, culture and other topics in over 20 categories.

“The New York Times Company is pleased to enhance and enrich the experience of our readers with,” says Vivian Schiller, senior vice president and general manager,, in a statement. “Readers will now be able to click on any word or phrase in a Times article to find the best information in our own archive and from the reference material on Our partnership with illustrates our continued commitment to providing online readers with the most comprehensive information available.” will also power “,” a new search function available from the search box that presents content.

Along with, also powers the answers or references search for’s A9, Firefox, Opera, as well as, the education site of The New York Public Library, Brooklyn Public Library and Queens Library.


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