MIVA Lines Up Global Pay-Per-Click Product


Online ad network MIVA today announced the global launch of MIVA InLine, a new product that aims to help online publishers build revenue without increasing page impressions or freeing up site real estate for advertising.

Through the MIVA InLine tool, publisher sites are embedded with hyperlinks that are added to keywords within the actual content of specific pages. When users mouse over said hyperlinks, a floating pay-per-click ad appears that directly relates to the specific keyword. Site users then have the option to click on the ad or continue browsing the site.

Along with the ability to display PPC ads against individual keywords, InLine can also display editorial links directing users to related pages of publishers’ sites. During the initial launch, though, this feature, will be available only to MIVA’s larger publishing partners.

“MIVA InLine provides a potentially significant incremental revenue stream for online publishers, many of whom are struggling to keep up with the demand for available site inventory in the current online advertising boom,” said Seb Bishop, MIVA’s President and CMO, in a statement. “A major benefit of the new product is its ability to drive increased revenue without any need for publishers to increase page impressions.”

Additionally, MIVA has installed filters within InLine that can prevent keyword tagging in sensitive or inappropriate articles. To ensure quality control with this function, the company has assigned a team of editorial experts to monitor and update the filters.

The rundown of other features publishers can capitalize on with InLine include the option to specify individual web pages and the sections of content within those pages that they want included in their MIVA InLine implementation, the option to choose whether hyperlinks should be added every time the same keyword appears or just in the first instance, as well as the ability to specify up to twenty unique keywords against which ads will appear within each page of content.

MIVA InLine is launching simultaneously across the US, UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy.



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