Make Your Landing Page Lucrative: Creating Killer Destinations that Offer Value and Generate Revenue


It’s long been known that effective landing pages hold the key for generating revenue through pay-per-click search marketing efforts. But with recent changes to the AdWords Quality Score algorithm, if search engine marketers want to improve their conversions and keep their costs-per-click down, it’s more important now than ever before to develop useful and informative landing pages.

In an effort to improve the relevancy of the results in their AdWords advertisements, Google recently made changes to their AdWords Quality Score algorithm that are designed to discourage what they consider to be lower quality advertisers and to improve the quality of their PPC search results for their users. Essentially, Google wants the same quality in their AdWords inventory as they have in their organic search results.

It all comes down to relevancy—as it should, really. The changes that have been implemented are meant to penalize those who are not delivering a “quality experience” for visitors. Relevant content on the landing page is now a predominant factor in paying less for clicks.

Really high jumps in minimum CPCs ($10.00+) means Google’s algo doesn’t like your site. Jumps in CPC between $0.05 & $0.40 reflect poor ad creative to landing page matching. As search marketing expert Perry Marshall puts it, “If your keywords and ads are laser-targeted to the landing page content and links, your CPC will drop.”

Going the uber-safe way, you should set your site up so that each keyword phrase has its own individual landing page containing that specific phrase in the content. However, there has been success reported in only changing a landing page’s title tag, such that it matches up with the keywords being targeted. It’s also been observed by some that changing the headline to a more relevant one for the search will cause a drop in the Cost-Per-Click. These can work as a short-term solution while you get additional landing pages created. Theoretically one could create a single landing page per keyword stem, and dynamically swap out the keywords in the copy, headline & title. The key here is that the ads need to match the landing pages’ content.


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