Kiptronic Podcast Advertising Taps Akamai Distributed Server Network


Podcast ad marketplace company Kiptronic has entered into a partnership with Akamai, a company that handles nearly 15% of the traffic on the entire internet though its network of distributed caching servers that help media distributors ease their bandwidth burdens. Kiptronic lets podcasters include dynamically-targeted advertisements and sponsorships in their shows without needing to change their URL.

The service works with most types of servers, but until recently, those on Akamai’s EdgePlatform could only use the service in a stripped-down form. Now, the two companies have figured out how to combine Kiptronic’s ad platform with Akamai’s content caching system, which the company hopes will allow Akamai customers to use the Kiptronic ad system without impediment.

“By bringing the two together we’re we can offer the same level of advertising experience, and at the same time offer all Akamai’s benefits,” says CEO Jonathan Cobb. The partnership opens up podcast monetization services through Kiptronic to companies like American Express, AOL, Google, Apple, Yahoo, and Xeox, all of which use the Akamai platform.

Podcasts are inherently targeted since they usually reach niche consumers. And with the Akamai system’s 20,000 servers caching podcasted content, distribution downtime is virtually eliminated, and the peaks and valleys that naturally go with a podcast’s distribution pattern are largely mitigated.


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