Replaces Yahoo with Quigo for PPC Ads

543, the Web presence of cable sports network ESPN, will begin using a branded version of the AdSonar ad serving platform from Quigo this fall to sell its own advertising. is currently using sponsored link advertising provided by Yahoo. boasts more than 17 million unique hits a month, and will use AdSonar to auction-based PPC advertising and contextual text link ads. will allow advertisers to target specific pages, topics and keywords.

“Making advertising relevant to sports fans is extremely important to and our advertisers,” said John Kosner, GM of ESPN New Media in a statement. “Quigo’s ESPN-branded approach and the technological resources they bring to the table will advance the marketing benefits that we offer advertisers, and deliver the most useful advertising to sports fans online.”

The switch will allow to keep a larger percentage of ad revenue, and give it more control over ad policies and targeted behavior. AdSonar is used by other sports sites including, and Golf Digest. ESPN is owned by ABC, whose ABC News site also uses AdSonar.


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