Emergent’s Gamebryo Game Engine Integrates Double Fusion Ad Technology


Emergent Game Technologies and in-game advertising firm Double Fusion have formed a partnership to integrate in-game ad technology into Emergent’s Gamebryo Element game engine and toolkit. The agreement allows developers to incorporate in-game ads as they would any other game feature.

Emergent Game Technologies provide game developers with integrated capabilities to build, test, and manage game, and by offering Double Fusion’s ad technologies, the company is now able to offer a complete toolset that incorporates all business models.

Emergent CEO Geoffrey Selzer explained that, “Emergent is giving the industry the flexibility it needs to grow and evolve in every direction-whether financially, creatively, or in terms of its fundamental business models.”

Jonathan Epstein, CEO and President of Double Fusion, added, “The earlier a developer begins work on the integration of an advertising campaign, and the more integrated the ad placement process is with the creation of the game, the more contextual and native the advertising will be. Our partnership with Emergent means more opportunity for advertisers, more lead time for the creative and sales teams, and more ad dollars for game developers and publishers.”

As a financial motive to sell in-game advertising space, developers and publishers that purchase the Gamebryo engine and reach an agreement with Double Fusion as their in-game advertising partner within three months of the engine license will receive a rebate on their engine license fee.


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