Efficient Frontier Sets Up UK SEM Operation


SEM marketer Efficient Frontier has just opened a new office in the U.K. to capture a piece of the growing paid search advertising market in Europe. According to a report by Piper Jaffray early this year, the global paid search advertising market will grow 41%, hitting $14 billion by the end of 2006. Efficient Frontier’s service simplifies the paid search ad buying process across all major search engines, including Google and Yahoo, in order to increase ROI by 20-50%.

“The launch of our European operations and U.K.-based office marks yet another milestone in Efficient Frontier’s leadership in the global search engine marketing industry,” said Efficient Frontier CEO Ellen Siminoff in a statement. “Already we have seven key European client engagements and are managing an average of euro 1 million in paid search advertising spend each month for these clients. Google dominates the European search market, and because our technology works best in an opaque marketplace like Google where managing complexity is key, Efficient Frontier is the best choice for European advertisers to make the most of their SEM campaigns.”

According to Efficient Frontier stats, the company represents 70 of the top 500 search advertisers and handles more than $250 million in PPC spending each year.


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