Double Fusion Unveils New In-Game Ad Measurement


In-game advertising company Double Fusion, along with media research company Interpret, has developed a new ad measurement solution for its in-game advertisers. The new solution uses Interpret’s Gameasure system and includes detailed studies that focus on the qualitative and quantitative measurements of specific campaigns. Double Fusion will also use it to keep tabs on the health of the overall industry so that game publishers will know exactly how much their products are worth with respect to advertising space.

“More advertisers are moving to in-game with every passing week and the more we continue to educate them the better it is for the market,” said Double Fusion CEO Jonathan Epstein in a statement. “We are committed to market education and knowledge, and providing our advertisers and agencies with the tools and data they need to master the medium — a key advantage to those advertisers that work with us early on in this market.”

According to Interpret, 11% of all Americans have recognized products advertised in videogames. Most of them are male between the ages of 18-34. More than 67 million gamers remain unreached.


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