Signs Ad Deal with Quigo


Online job site will be deploying AdSonar, an online ad management system from online advertising provider Quigo, which uses an auction-based PPC system to place contextual sponsored links on a site. Sponsored links will be available on the CareerBuilder site.

Advertisers will be able to place ads on the site’s Resource Center, a section that offers job hunters advice on everything ranging from training and education to interviewing, resumes, and starting your own business. Advertisers will be able to target ads by specific page and keyword, which means that ads in the Resource Center will be able to reach individuals intent on performing a specific action.

“Offering this functionality provides more options for online advertisers who want to reach a vast audience of career-minded individuals,” said Hope Gurion, CareerBuilder’s VP of business development in a statement. “With Quigo, we are now able to create opportunities for advertisers that fit a variety of budgets and business models, as well as maximize the relevancy of advertising to our visitors.”

Advertisers will be able to see exactly where their ads are running within the CareerBuilder site., owned by media groups Gannet Co., Tribune and McClatchey, has more than 23 million registered users, and lists more than 1.5 million jobs. The AdSonar platform is also used by websites like, ABC News, The New York Times, along with sites for local newspapers.


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