AzoogleAds Pushing Acceptable Use Policy for Mobile Publishers


Performance-based marketing company AzoogleAds has adopted a new publisher protection policy for mobile marketing. The mobile Acceptable Use Policy is based on CITA and MMA standards, with additional guidelines set by mobile carriers like Cingular, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile. The policy contains 21 mandates including double opt-in and full-disclosure to make sure publishers are honest.

“As the advertising industry continues to evolve, marketers exploring the effectiveness of mobile marketing are faced with a new set of consumer protection concerns presented by this potentially powerful advertising venue. In response to these challenges, the AzoogleAds team has instituted an aggressive policy to ensure the integrity and the quality of the traffic we deliver to our advertising partners,” said Azoogle COO Don Mathis in a statement. “Our advertisers, as well as the mobile phone service providers, expect that the traffic we deliver is legitimate, informed and consensual.”

Azoogle is now requiring things like easy-to-understand terms of service, friendly opt-out procedures, strict customer privacy, and the rejection of questionable content. Azoogle also has Acceptable Use Policies for email and adware downloads.



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