Adopts Lyris Email Marketing


Asian ecommerce company has announced their partnership with Lyris Technologies, and email marketing technology provider. ListManager, Lyris’s solution, will let custom tailor its email newsletters and communications based on user type, behavior, and performance.

The ecommerce company focuses the majority of its business on China, and runs multiple email marketing programs in both Chinese and English. Alibaba faces the unique challenge of managing users from more than 200 countries and territories. The main Alibaba site gets more than 500,000 visits a day from international merchants and importers who want to trade with Chinese sellers.

“We are one of the few companies in China that has addressed the unique challenges of managing customer relationships globally,” said Devin Beringer, Alibaba’s director of customer management in a statement. “By working with Lyris, we have been able to improve the deliverability of our messages and more importantly, transform how we communicate with our users”

Alibaba International runs several sites including and Yahoo China, which it purchased from Yahoo in 2005. Lyris believes the deal has given it a foothold in the Chinese market.



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