Launches Subscription Affiliate Research Service

249 (AFP), a company that keeps an eye on controversial affiliate business practices, has launched the Affiliate Marketing Testing Service, its subscription-based service that keeps affiliate marketers informed about the ever-changing landscape of affiliate marketing.

Terms of Service, Codes of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines differ from business to business, a problem compounded by the rapid development of new affiliate marketing technologies. AFP is best known for keeping track of affiliate adware systems. The new service incorporates all of AFP’s research areas, including ads and PPC search listings purchased through adware, as well as network and merchant partnerships with adware companies.

“The purpose of the service is not to ‘certify’ or ‘accredit’ any party, nor is it a blacklist service,” said AFP president Kellie Stevens in a statement. “It is to accurately identify and describe the business models and practices within the Industry so subscribers can make informed decisions to maximize their ROI, ROAS and therefore the profitability of their business.” Subscribers to the new service will be able to identify both practices that may violate their policies and terms of service, and practices that are new and valuable.

Affiliate, merchant and network subscribers can anonymously submit research requests. Subscriptions are available on a six-month or year-long basis.


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