Accipiter Buys BidClix


Online ad company Accipiter Solutions has purchased auction-based contextual online ad network BidClix. “BidClix provides the bid-for-placement system that allows publishers this type of control while still offering backfill capabilities and relationships with thousands of advertisers that our customers can immediately leverage,” said Accipiter CEO Brian Handly in a statement.

Handly adds, “After initially partnering with BidClix, it was clear that there was a great cultural fit as well as significant advantages in bringing both companies together and operating as a single entity. Accipiter has had significant demand from our customer and prospect base for the development of a self-service bid-for-placement system that they could leverage to gain more control over their advertiser relationships. Many of our customers are interested in preserving their brand and want to minimize the revenues that they are giving away to third parties.”

Accipiter wants to add BidClix’s technology to its own, creating an all-in-one solution that lets advertisers launch cross-platform campaigns across emerging media markets like podcasting, RSS, blogging, streaming video and mobile platforms. The existing BidClix marketplace serves nearly 1.1 billion text ads a month and lets advertisers target specific sites and content channels. Accipiter serves more than 50 billion ads a month around the world.


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