Webshots.com Gets Community-Centric Makeover


CNET Network’s photo-sharing site, Webshots.com, has revealed its new design, complete with new social features designed to enhance the community experience. Webshots’ new look is designed to reflect the site’s beefed-up file retrieval system on the backend.

The new design also features 10 channels based on popular photo categories: Entertainment, Family, Good Times, Home and Garden, News, Outdoors, Pets, Rides, Sports and Travel. Soon, Webshots will also release integrated photo and video sharing that will let users include both video and still images in a single album.

“Webshots was the first to introduce public photo sharing in 1999 and in that time has seen users publicly share more than 400 million photos in thousands of areas of interest,” said CNET SVP of community Martin Green in a statement. “This fall, the sharing of interests and community-building that we call ‘social theatre’ will grow to include both photos and video clips in a shared album, which is a first for a free service.”

The redesign also reduces the amount of advertising space on the site by 40%. CNET, though, hopes this will yield ad units that are still valuable but smaller and more effective. This September, Casio will test drive the new ad placement scheme with a campaign for the Exilim digital camera. Casio will also sponsor and “skin” the Webshots Travel channel.


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