Viewpoint Introduces Unicast Advergaming


Online marketing technology firm Viewpoint threw its hat into the gaming arena today by unveiling its Unicast Advergaming product, the latest offering in Viewpoint’s Internet Marketing Technology (IMT) Product Series.

The Unicast Advergaming product allows marketers to connect with and entertain customers through the creation of custom branded online games. Additionally, Viewpoint states that the technology allows branded games to be deployed as either site-side applications, or served as online rich media ad units.

With advergaming revenue estimated to grow from $200 million in 2004 to $1 billion by 2008, according to Gateway Reports and Wall Street Transcript, the timing seems to be right for a technology Viewpoint. In 2005, Pew Internet & American Life Project survey also reported that 81 percent of Web-connected teens played online games.

“Given our heritage for creating visually compelling, interactive online applications that educate and entertain, this new advergaming product rounds out our product offerings perfectly,” said Unicast VP/GM Jason McKayin a statement. “Once again we will leverage our core technologies to provide marketers with new ways to reach their target audiences on the Web.”

Unicast will offer three levels of advergames at three different price points based on game complexity and interactivity. The list includes Casual Online games, Custom Branded games, and the more complex Site-Side Advergames.

“Our focus on technology enables us to stay ahead of emerging market trends such as Advergaming,” adds Patrick Vogt, CEO of Viewpoint. “What’s more, gaming is a way to deliver a more immersive brand experience that can draw in users who ordinarily might skip over online ads. Viewpoint will continue to expand our lineup of IMT Product Series offerings as we see new opportunities emerge which truly add value for our customers.”



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