The Ad Network Analysis: ADOTAS Surveys the Cream of the Crop, From Bottom to Top


At every AD:TECH, it seems that after the speeches, the niceties between the agencies and the networks, and the large parties they throw with the half-dressed girls on swings, the real conversations start. You’ll find in the hallway, or in the bathrooms nestled in the back of the club, two media buyers talking and sharing their honest opinions about the networks.

“Great party, gotta love the Music,” Johnny from MediaYAgency will say. “But the sales people over there must have just graduated from high-school, they don’t know anything about media sales.” His friend, while trying to remove the wine stain from his new Armani blazer will comment, of course, “But they have some great targeting abilities. Did you hear about their new product, the YieldSpotlightConnector?” It’s the type of stuff you never see in any AD:TECH roundup, but it’s the kind of issues we all really want to know about.

For ADOTAS’ Advertising Network Survey, we approached it with a little bit of trepidation, because it was something no one had really tried before. What do people REALLY think of the networks out there? We decided from the start we wouldn’t comment on the results, but just lay them out for everyone to voice their own opinions.

However, there is one comment we’d like to make: No one scored with extremely high rankings, especially on the agency/advertiser side of the business. We’re not sure what that means, but we could definitely presume that agencies and advertisers feel that networks have a long way to go, and that no one network is perfect.

Additionally, it’s interesting to see that some networks scored high in one category, but were resting near the bottom of others. Hopefully, this survey will give them some guidance on how to improve their business.

On to the Rankings…


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  2. Where’s DoubleClick in these ranks? I spoke with a rep from that company and he just referred me to this article saying he couldn’t help me. Ohh and value click, not very impressed with them either. They had disney ads running on an auto website?!?

  3. Gorilla Nation is not that good at many things. Therefore I’m not sure why it’s on the top of the list.

    Also dicrepancy is extremely high when you’re running the “good” ads. One day on the reporting you make a certain amount and at the end of the month things don’t add up. VERY bad.

  4. Hi, this is great info. but do you have anything current for the eCPM rates? August ’06 might be out of date now. seeing side-by-side comparisons like this is wonderful. i have been searching for days and can find next to nothing like this. thank you.


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