Spike TV Broadcasts “Manly” Shows via New Broadband Player


Male-oriented cable channel Spike TV has followed its Viacom brethren by launching its own official broadband video player on SpikeTV.com. The Flash-based player is compatible with both Macs and PC’s. SpikeTV.com will feature exclusive online-only shows like dirt racing series “Rattlesnake Raceway,” European motocross-themed “Enduro at Erzberg,” and geek culture show “Geek-Ray-Vision.”

“We’re creating a cross-platform, cross-browser, consistently rich experience so guys that come to the site can stuff their faces with as much video as they can handle and share it with friends via email or instant messenger,” said Spike VP of digital media Steve Farrell in a statement. “We want the site to be not just an extension of what’s on air, but a digital expression of what SPIKE is about — action.”

Previously, SpikeTV.com launched its “cam-in” feature that let users interact with Spike TV personalities during live shows. Spike plans to continue offering “cam-in” events, and plans to introduce four more shows online: “Hottest Bartender: NYC” (self-explanatory), demolition derby show “Buddy’s Garage,” full-contact stick fighting martial arts show “Gathering of the Pack,” and “Burning at the Thunderdome,” a recreation of the death cage of Mad Max fame at the Burning Man Festival in Nevada.


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