Integrates AdWords


Customer resource management (CRM) service has released Salesforce for Google AdWords, a service that will combine the Google AdWords system with’s CRM system to let users manage and measure their search marketing campaigns right next to their customer data. Salesforce for AdWords can handle the purchase of keywords, ad creation, ad placement, and ad tracking through AdWords.

Salesforce believes that as search engine marketing campaigns become more effective, companies will want to more closely tie their campaigns to their sales leads. “Today’s announcement brings together the power of Google, the Consumer Web leader, and, the Business Web leader, enabling companies of all sizes to go seamlessly from word to close,” said CEO Marc Benioff in a statement. “Business applications are moving to The Business Web and Salesforce for Google AdWords is a perfect example of the innovation that is possible when we embrace the reality that the future of software is on-demand business services.”

The combined approach lets users view ad clicks, sales leads and revenue side-by-side. Salesforce for AdWrods is available through’s AppExchange.


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