Rockin’ Syndication, Part II


Well, it has taken a few weeks to finish this article for the mere fact that technology was my mortal enemy for a bit. Like I said before, RSS feeds or “Rockin’ Syndication” is an awesome way to get notice out about products, news and promotions for your clients.

This time, I will show proof that it is pretty simple to get it up and running and that you can bypass installing an RSS reader by using a simple and free browser.

First, if you install Mozilla/Firefox this has an automatic RSS reader already installed in the browser. Once you install the browser, go to a blog or page that you like that has an RSS feed on it, such as Then look for the RSS feed icon or RSS feed link in this case go here:

Now open up your Firefox browser (by the way you can run firefox and another browser at the same time) and click on Bookmarks in the toolbar, scroll down and click on Manage Bookmarks, click File then New Live Bookmark. Once this window opens, type in the Name of the feed i.e. Land O Lakes recipes and copy and paste the url of the feed into the Feed location box. I chose the Top 10 recipes feed so I would paste in this link:

Hit OK and you are all set. Every time they add a new recipe your feed will automatically update. Now all you have to do is open up Firefox to stay up-to-date with all the feeds you have chosen.

Next you can create your own RSS feed by using notepad and a bit of HTML, or copy what is below for your template and just change what is highlighted in red to make it your own. Due to the fact the html code won’t show correctly online, click here to view the sample code:

Copy and paste the above code in notepad, then save it as an rss file, I saved mine as webs4all.rss, then upload it to your server, add RSS Feed or the RSS icon (usually orange or gray) to a good spot on your site and link it to your website url/yourrssname.rss, so mine ended up looking like

Just remember, like your blog each new article goes on top of the next, so your feed needs to read the same, when you add a new item, just copy and past the previous code:

If you cannot view the code correctly here please visit this link again and click on Adding new articles code:

Once it is complete, check it out in your new Firefox reader or an RSS reader if you already have one.Lastly, if you want people to be able to find your Rockin’ feed, you can go around and tell people, orrrr…you can submit your feed. I will be the first to admit, it is a bit time-consuming but worth it. Do a bit every day or if you see your co-worker staring into space, have them do it. Below, I’ll list the sites I liked for my feed submission, there are more but this will give you a good start:

RSS Feed SpecificationsRSS Feed Submit — this site gives you a ton of sites to submit your feed to and as a bonus it lets you submit your blog url too! I can personally say this site works, I have received a ton of comments lately to my blog than I have before.
RSS Compendium — This one is another list that allows feed and blog submissions

I would like to say that with the several comments received from the previous Rockin Syndication article, people commented they are truly surprised how slow the Online Industry has taken to using such a simple thing. Trust me, if I can get this figured out with Huge help from my friend at, then those of you that work in large agencies surely have no excuse for not giving this a try. If you come across any technology/server issues, you have a whole staff to figure it out–unlike me. I thought I was losing my mind as I can only understand so much techie stuff before my head starts spinning…

Get that client, grab a tech person and your co-worker that stares into space and get it going! I look forward to seeing your Rockin’ Feeds soon.


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