Right Media Releases Media Guard Beta

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Right Media, home to the Right Media Exchange service, today rolled out the beta of its Media Guard tool. The first in Right Media’s next generation of offerings, Media Guard aims to significantly reduce the growing threat from dangerous applications and software transferred through online ads. Additionally, the system utilizes a detailed manual classification system to monitor creative content.

Media Guard was designed with the hopes of blocking advertisements that contain viruses, trojans, initiation of Active X and exit pop-ups. During the initial test phase in July 2006, Right Media claimed Media Guard scanned over 50,000 ad creatives 5 million times worldwide and discovered 17 different types of hidden viruses. The service also includes a manual review which applies uniform standards to creatives by using over 160 attributes and classifications arranged categorically.

“Malicious content delivered through advertising inhibits the liquidity of the market, yet it has been largely ignored by the industry because there was no simple solution,” said Michael Walrath, CEO of Right Media. “We want to solve the problem and address the issue head-on. After a year of development and investment of significant resources, we’re excited to have Media Guard in the market.”

Media Guard tests every creative that makes its way through the Right Media Exchange, a marketplace in which ad networks, advertisers and publishers trade over two billion impressions daily. Media Guard is available to the more than 11,000 buyers and sellers interacting on the Exchange. Right Media will continue to invest in Media Guard in order to build out further protections for both advertisers and publishers.